Despite the rise of social networks and IM, email messages continue being the popular way of correspondence in business. They're also employed by web site guests to contact the administrator or for personal purposes if you would like save some data emailed by some friend for future use. The email service is more than simply exchanging messages - it has forwarding, filters, autoresponders, e-mail lists, etcetera, so it will be handy when you could manage all these things easily and intuitively. A useful instrument which provides you easy access to various functions will save you time and it will make the management of your email communication an enjoyment, not a burden. In this way, you will be able to focus on the particular content of your e-mails, rather than losing time to perform small system tasks via hidden menus.
Antivirus Protection Shared Hosting
With the hi-tech Email Manager tool that you'll obtain as part of our custom Hepsia Control Panel provided you order a shared website hosting plan, you'll handily have all email functions that you may ever need in one location and only a few mouse-clicks away. As soon as you activate the instrument, you will be able to see all of the mailboxes that you have for your domain names and whether any of them is a catch-all one or it has forwarding and anti-spam protection. These options are enabled and disabled as effortlessly as clicking a button. More advanced options, for instance adding SPF protection, are available from fast access buttons as well as right-click context menus. You can also gain access to the webmail for any mailbox or download an auto-setup file for Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail from the same section. Our Email Manager is simple enough to be used by people with little or no practical experience and it comes with many detailed help articles. In addition, it includes attributes for advanced users as well and it can save you efforts and time even for more complex duties.
Antivirus Protection in Semi-dedicated Servers
With our semi-dedicated hosting plans, you can access any function associated with your emails with no more than a couple of mouse-clicks. The Hepsia Control Panel, that is provided with our hosting accounts, allows you to gain access to a feature-rich Email Manager tool where you will be able to view and control all of your mailboxes - connect to the webmail, download auto-configuration files for Apple Mail or Outlook, create a catch-all mailbox or enable anti-spam protection. For more advanced clients, there're options like SPF protection and email lists, which are a click away, too. With right-click pop-up menus and instant access links, you will get total control of all sorts of things from a single place and with a truly intuitive interface. The aforementioned can save you a lot of time and it'll make the management of your email addresses very easy.